The Hannah NOEL women's sweatshirt is made of a very pleasant material with combed Polarsoft Thermo fiber in a trendy combination with stretch parts on the sides, which enhances the elasticity of the sweatshirt. Thanks to its internal fiber composition, this material is characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties, warms well and will please you with minimal absorbency in wet weather. This sweatshirt is perfect as a "second layer" in a system of functional layered clothing, for example on a slope, or wear it as an upper in nature. Thanks to the decent design, you can easily carry it to the city.


  • Main zipper with metallic effect and stand-up collar
  • Main zipper pockets
  • Sleeves lined with rubber
  • Lower edge lined with rubber
  • Parts made of elastic material

Key features


Material information & features

Material: 100% polyester / 92% polyester + 8% elastane